Alberta Asphalt SupplyAlberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. also manufactures its own Hot Mix Asphalt.  This allows Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. to control the availability, volume and quality of the product that we are installing for our customers.  Our Asphalt Supply Plant is located at our Head Office, in SE Edmonton, close to all major freeways for efficient hauling.

Sport and Squirrel

Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. has a vast trucking fleet from tandems to quad-wagons. In the Summer, we utilize our extensive trucking fleet to haul asphalt and gravel to all construction sites.  In the Winter, we haul snow and sand.


Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc.’s actual “Foundation” starts with the Subgrade / Gravel operations. All projects start from the bottom and we build up!

Our subgrade crews have experience in working with all types of clay material. If soil stabilization, with lime or cement is required, we have all the necessary equipment to complete the work. We don’t slow down for inferior soil conditions!

Our gravel crews have a thorough understanding of the vast differences in gravel material that is available in our area. From the gradation differences to the amount of clay in the aggregate, we know the best and most efficient methods to attain the required densities.


Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. snow removal & sanding experts are second to none in the Edmonton and surrounding area which our clients will attest to.  Our experts quickly and safely clear the snow and ice for safe passage for motorists and pedestrians.

Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. provides snow removal & sanding services for a variety of customers including Shopping Malls, Shopping Centres, Hospitals & Health Facilities, Corporate Offices, Warehouses & Industrial Properties.

Edmonton Concrete - Alberta Asphalt Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. also provides concrete services.

Our highly experienced crews will help you with all your concrete requirements. We use the latest in concrete technology and employ some of the most qualified professionals in the industry. From new construction to concrete repairs, you can count on Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. for a quality job every time.  

greynunsp42011006Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. is the leader in Parking Lot Maintenance & Repairs.  Our experts will assist the customer in providing the most information on the longevity of various solutions in order to choose the option that works best within their budget and expectations.

Many commercial pavements suffer structural failures as a result of load related deterioration. These problems generally show up as alligator cracking and then as a pothole.

Asphalt Repair & Maintenance should be a permanent solution rather than a quick fix to avoid continuous problems.

127 Street 011The core of any paving company is the Asphalt Paving operations.  Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. is an industry leader.

Our extensive equipment fleet and knowledge of asphalt paving allows us to pave a full range of projects.  Our projects include small patching, commercial and industrial, pathways, subdivision and municipal roadways, airports, and highway projects.

Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. is committed to complete your project safely, on time and within your budget.