Safety is #1 at Alberta Asphalt

A safety culture plays a major role at Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. which consists of all members from Ownership, Management and Employees.

Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. has a very detailed Health and Safety Management System consisting of;

  • policies,
  • training,
  • competency assessment,
  • abstract reviews,
  • programs,
  • auditing,
  • monitoring,
  • in-services/orientations

together with a commitment to Partners in Injury Reduction. This results in the high standards that we achieve in the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program.

Through our Health and Safety Management System, we ensure and are totally committed to the well being of all employees, contractors, public and visitors that are on our work-sites that Alberta Asphalt is responsible for.

Our Health and Safety program is driven by the following statement in our Health and Safety Policy created by the Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. ownership and executive team to ensure there is total involvement of all employees plus to develop a safety culture in Alberta Asphalt Enterprises Inc. to be a leader throughout the industry.

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